August 21, 2019

Online-5All right, card sharks, we have officially come to the end of this series of posts. Here we will chronicle the fifth and final key difference you will observe when playing poker in an online casino. You see, there are some things you need to be careful about when you are playing on the internet, especially as it applies to the games you choose to play and the rooms you choose to frequent.

The most common mistake online players make is going to low limit games and trying to be sly and tricky. Don’t do that! Most of the time, it is not really worth the effort. $3/6 games, $5/10 games — do not waste your tricks and strategies on such low limits.

You can typically, rightfully assume that the players in these games are new or at least amateur. You do not need to get too smart with them, you do not need to bluff with them. Save your real skills for the big boys.