August 21, 2019

Pocket Queens GirlGetting a pair of queens is one of the best hands pre-flop in No Limit Texas Hold’em. There are problems though when you go on a pre-flop raising collision with other players, as you might be banging heads with pairs of aces or kings. After the flop, you have to be ready to fold in case you meet an overcard to your good pair. Do not be married to the queens.

There is a very low probability that your pocket queens will be facing aces or kings. You need to feel the game though when the pre-flop betting goes very heavy. Check the behavior of your opponents if they are likely having aces or kings.

You need to consider your position when playing these cards. Let say you have a loose raiser to your right, then you have a green light for a re-raise. See if after the flop there will be an Ace and there will be a raise or more people getting into the pot, you might consider folding.

You need to probe as the players make their move so you can decide if you will play or fold.