August 21, 2019

When you start playing poker, you will have a lifetime to fine tune your poker strategy. Every game will be a learning experience where you can get a lesson or two. If you are a new player – perhaps you’ve only played live roulette before – we line up some basic poker tips that you can use when trying to bring home some chips.

Know when to bluff

Newbies of poker are often very aggressive playing their games and they also do have a tendency to bluff a lot. Bluffing is really a powerful move in poker, but over use it and it will really lose its value. You might see big bluffs on TV with the professional poker players but remember that they rarely do this.

When you bluff regularly, you risk your stack without holding the best of cards. It is fun. It is exciting. But remember that you may end up losing a lot of money when you don’t properly time your bluffing plays.

Use Position

When you are dealt your cards you have to know your position on the table relative to the dealer. You have to know if you are acting early or acting late. If you are on the left of the button, then this means you will be one of the first to make a move. When you’re on the button or onto its right, then you will be making a late move.