August 21, 2019

When you get cards ranging between 2-2 to 6-6, then you have a small pocket pair. Anything beyond these cards can be considered a medium pair or a high pair. These low paired cards are quite strong in a deceptive way but may bring your chips to the drain if you are a poker newbie who overvalues  them.

Pre-flop small pocket pairs give you a good advantage but after the flop, things may get a bit trick when your hand does not improve.

Here is how you handle a small pocket pair:

The strength of these cards will be to get a good set upon the flop. You get a set when you get another card of the same number to make a three of a kind. Now this set gives you a strong hand and a good chance to make you some money.

The best move you can do with this hand is try to get a set. If not, then fold. If you do not get a third card on the flop then this cards are hardly profitable.

The odds of getting a set when the dealer gives you the flop are not really that good. There is 1 chance to make a set in every 8 flops. This translates to the reality that we should not keep our hopes too high with a small pocket pair. The implied odds though or the chance of playing the cards worth while is good enough.