August 21, 2019

Poker tells are the habitual actions of another player that somehow gives you a good clue of what they plan or what cards they are holding. Playing online is sort of a different game since you cannot see your opponents. The poker tells we list down here are most applicable to online poker games.

Speed of game play

Poker rooms set a certain tie for online poker players to make their move. It is one good way to gauge the kind of opponents you have with how fast or slow they take to act. A fast bet usually shows some weakness while slow action displays a bit of strength since the player calculates the risks before making a move. You might also want to take note of their cards when shown and see what hands they bet on slowly and which ones they fast bet.

Use of auto plays and check boxes

If you are used to online poker play, you are familiar with check boxes that will let you “call any”, ”fold”, or “raise any”. You will be able to tell if the other players use these boxes since they act a second or faster when it is his turn to act. This too can tell you a lot. If the opponent automatically raised, then he must have checked raise any and you might be dealing with a strong hand. A check might tell you that he has a weak hand and wants to wait and see. Taking action even before seeing the moves of the other players is a good tell of how a player behaves on the online poker table.

Chat box

How an online poker player makes use of the chat box gives you a good idea of how he handles his cards. If a chatty poker player suddenly goes quiet, it might be a hint that he is holding some monster cards. Too much show of confidence on the chat box may indicate that the player is bluffing. You will also notice a change of behavior on the chat box if someone is bluffing or tilting.